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In Marianne Ragins senior year of high school, she won over $400,000 in scholarships for college. As perhaps the first student ever to amass nearly half a million dollars in scholarship money, she has been featured in many publications including USA Today, People, Newsweek, Money, Essence and on the cover of Parade. She has also made hundreds of radio and television appearances on shows such as “Good Morning America,” “The Home Show,” and the “Mike & Maty Show.”

Marianne Ragins, motivational speaker and

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As perhaps the 1st person ever to win over $400,000 in scholarship money, Marianne can motivate YOUR audience to identify and exceed their goals

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Marianne has spoken for organizations and events such as Mercer University – Upward Bound Program,……

Motivating and Inspiring Students

Motivating students in boot camps, webinars, keynotes, and breakout sessions are key elements……
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Wearing her signature red jacket, Marianne always strives to connect with her audiences and have fun!….

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